A Bigger Table for Everyone:
Cameron's Plan for Real

Community Engagement



"Cameron has been on the frontlines of the most pressing issues in our communities. I'm endorsing him, because I've seen him lean into collective solutions with social justice values at the center."

—Reyna Lopez, Executive Director, Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN)


Oregon continues to grapple with a history that includes discriminatory public policies, such as exclusion laws and unfair lending practices. While our laws no longer explicitly contain this kind of discrimination, certain disparities have persisted and members of our community have been excluded from opportunities.


Metro was formed by voters with a mission to preserve and enhance our quality of life. In order to guarantee a high quality of life, we need a bigger table that includes the voices of all Portlanders.


Every day Cameron strives to create a bigger table for everyone. 


As a Portlander who worked to overcome serious life challenges, Cameron has an intimate connection to the experiences of everyday Portlanders. He has an extensive track record with delivering results on equity and inclusion. As a policy advocate, he supported initiatives such as the Portland Clean Energy Fund. As an executive for local nonprofits such as Know Your City and Q Center, he fostered collaboration with over a hundred leaders and organizations. As a small business owner and consultant, he trained dozens of local businesses on how to create more inclusive work cultures. 


If elected to Metro Council District 5, Cameron will be the first openly LGBTQ+ Black elected official in Oregon.


Cameron is committed to taking courageous action for a more inclusive Metro.

“A Bigger Table for Everyone” Plan

We cannot have a healthy and functioning democracy without an engaged and empowered community. Portlanders deserve a Metro government that better represents them, shares the lived experience of everyday Portlanders, and ensures that all people are heard and treated with respect.

Transparency and Accountability

Metro needs to maintain a level of vulnerability, integrity, and follow through with the residents who have instilled trust in their leaders. Here’s how:


  • Serving as a watchdog of the public’s finances with the current voter-approved funds: 2019 parks and nature bond, 2018 affordable housing bond, 2008 zoo bond, and guaranteeing equal attention to the 2020 homelessness services and regional transportation measures if approved by voters.

  • Strengthening Metro’s communication staffing and information services in order to support real-time transparency activities.

  • Continuing to support freedom of the press and quality journalism on regional issues.


“Feet On The Street” Leadership

We need to be represented by a local leader who has deep, on-the-street relationships with the people who live, work, play, and pray in District 5. Here’s how:


  • Bringing the energy to show up for constituents: attending events, sending press releases, diligently responding to emails, and more. 

  • Leveraging social media platforms and innovative community engagement tactics to ensure more voices are heard in Metro processes.

Local Empowerment

Over the past few years the number of reported hate speech incidents in the United States has spiked, with Oregon especially impacted. Metro’s leadership must defend civil rights and ensure no one is a target of a hate crime. Here’s how:


  • Continuing to be an outspoken leader against hate and bigotry, and hold all elected officials and government leaders to a high standard.

  • Proactively supporting coalition efforts to resist hate, such as Portland United Against Hate.

Civic Capacity Building

All residents must be empowered to understand the unique attributes of our regional government and be provided fair platforms to advocate for their communities. Here’s how:


  • Investing in civic capacity building initiatives that effectively empower underrepresented communities to become civically literate and more engaged in public decision making.

  • Organizing a regional summit to bring together the region’s communities to facilitate understanding and forge a common agenda to address our most critical issues.

Metro as a Model Employer

Employees are the strength of Metro, and they need and deserve proactive support in order to be successful in their roles. Here’s how:


  • Supporting equitable hiring standards in order to build a workforce that celebrates diversity among race, gender, sexuality, age, ability, and more.

  • Continuing to build a workplace culture that inspires others to live their lives with the highest standard of conduct and compassion towards others. 

  • Supporting policy changes that protect employees from unwarranted online attacks and intimidation.

  • Continuing to be an outspoken voice against workplace discrimination and harassment.


Read Cameron's interview in the Portland Observer about dedicating his career to a more inclusive Portland.