Solution Oriented Housing:

Cameron's Plan to Address

The Affordable Housing Crisis


“Cameron will help build a community where all families and children have safe, quality, and affordable housing.”

—Israel Bayer, former Executive Director, Street Roots

Our region faces a growing housing crisis. 


Our population is growing, aging, and becoming more diverse. Rents are rising faster than incomes and our region’s vacancy rate is less than a balanced housing market. The shortage of affordable housing has resulted in real hardships in the lives of everyday Portlanders. We are jeopardizing our present and our future by not addressing these challenges today.


Cameron intimately understands the urgency of our housing crisis. 


As someone who worked himself out of homelessness at the age of eighteen, he has seen how the zip code someone lives in can unfairly predict the quality of housing, economic opportunities, and health outcomes. 


Cameron has worked on solutions for affordable housing through a diversity of initiatives, as a hunger striker for homelessness, as a policy advocate with the Oregon Inclusionary Zoning Coalition, and a board member of REACH CDC, the largest nonprofit housing developer in the region.


Portlanders deserve elected leaders who understand the realities of the housing crisis— because they lived them too.


Cameron shares this lived experience, and is committed to bringing bold housing solutions to Metro Council.


The “Solution Oriented Housing” Plan

Fair, safe, and affordable housing is a basic element of human dignity and survival. Metro must work diligently to provide solutions that close the affordable housing gap for all Metro residents.

Develop Affordable Housing

Metro must fund and support solutions to increase the supply of affordable housing. Here’s how:

  • Supporting accountability of the Metro affordable housing bond to develop housing for 12,000 community members.

  • Pursuing opportunities to reduce the cost of affordable units by creating an aggressive pilot program with Modular Housing and other strategies.

Promote Living Wage Jobs

All public affordable housing investments should include the highest labor standards. Here’s how:

  • Ensuring all public projects include fair family-sustaining wages, local hiring preferences, project labor and community agreements, and buying local construction materials.

  • Expanding support of Construction Careers Pathways Project to increase the hiring of women, people of color, and other underrepresented communities in the construction trades.

Community Cohesion and Stabilization

Due to soaring housing costs, vulnerable communities have displaced from their homes and forced to live in areas with fewer opportunities. We must ensure that to the extent possible, families have the opportunity to return to their communities if they so choose. Here’s how:

  • Promoting right of return policies and investments, especially in North and Northeast Portland.

  • Continuing to support equitable housing strategies developed for the proposed SW Corridor light rail project.

  • Developing a region-wide gentrification and displacement resource tool, and advocate for investment in communities facing a higher risk of displacement.

Regional Leadership

Our housing crisis goes beyond city boundaries, and Metro must be a regional leader on affordable housing. Here’s how:

  • Convening Metro leadership and policy teams to transform the agency’s capacity as a leader on regional affordable housing solutions. 

  • Crafting a regional affordable housing plan, and recruit and retain talent that can provide technical and funding support to local jurisdictions in meeting affordable housing goals.

Addressing Homelessness

Homelessness in our region demands our attention, and we must produce bold solutions. Here’s how:


  • Supporting the passage of the regional homelessness services measure and implement strong oversight and accountability measures.

  • Advocating for smarter and more effective solutions to ensure safe, governed, and resourced emergency camp sites that can be used as a pipeline to get our most vulnerable houseless community members into more stable and permanent housing.

Protect Housing Choice

We must have an affordable housing supply that meets the diverse needs of all Portlanders. Here’s how:


  • Championing housing choices that encourage vibrant and welcoming neighborhoods by using a housing and transportation index to make sure Portlanders have affordable housing and transportation costs. 

  • Supporting the development of housing that serves the diverse needs of working Portlanders–– including ADUs, duplexes and multi-family units.

  • Supporting the creation of a universal housing provider registry which details where rental units are, their size, their ADA accessibility, and their annual unit rents.

Read Cameron's op-ed in the Portland Tribune about the need for bold solutions to Portland's affordable housing crisis.