Titles are for identification purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the stance of the endorser's organization



"Cameron is a leader who shows up and fights for all Portlanders. I proudly endorse him.” 

—US Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse

"We support Cameron because he is smart, capable, committed and hard working. With Cameron's ability to lead, listen and act, he will bring new ideas and new ways to Metro Council to solve our old problems."

—Former Mayor Tom Potter and First Lady Karin Hansen

Elizabeth Furse, Fmr. Congresswoman 

Oregon’s 1st Congressional District

Susheela Jayapal, Commissioner

Multnomah County


Amanda Fritz, Commissioner

City of Portland


Tom Potter, Fmr. Mayor and Karin Hansen, First Lady 

City of Portland


Sam Adams, Fmr. Mayor 

City of Portland


Mike Lindberg, Fmr. Commissioner 

City of Portland


Jim Bernard, Board Chair

Clackamas County


Jeff Cogen, Fmr. Board Chair 

Multnomah County

Dave Hunt, former Speaker of the Oregon House and Board Chair of Clackamas Community College


Avel Gordly, Fmr. State Senator 

Oregon Senate District 23


Bob Boyer, Fmr. State Senator

Oregon Senate District 8

Akasha Lawrence Spence, State Representative

Oregon House District 36

Rob Nosse, State Representative 

Oregon House District 42

Alissa Keny-Guyer, State Representative

Oregon House District 46


Diego Hernandez, State Representative

Oregon House District 47


Carla Piluso, State Representative 

Oregon House District 50 


Martha Schrader, Commissioner

Clackamas County


Dick Schouten, Commissioner

Washington County


Jamie Damon, Fmr. Commissioner

Clackamas County


Mark Gamba, Mayor

City of Milwaukie


Angel Falconer, City Councilor

City of Milwaukie

Eddy Morales, City Councilor

City of Gresham

CM Hall, City Councilor

City of Newport


Tiffani Penson, Board Member 

Portland Community College 

Mohamed Alyajouri, Board Member

Portland Community College


Valdez Bravo, Fmr. Board Member 

Portland Community College

Andrea Valderrama, Board Chair

David Douglas School District


Steven Schroedl, Board Chair

North Clackamas School District

Michelle DePass, Board Member

Portland Public Schools

Ruth Adkins, Fmr. Board Member

Portland Public Schools


Ricki Ruiz, Board Member

Reynolds School Board

Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Board Member

Jefferson County Education Service District

Tom Collet, Board Member

Beaverton School Board


Ben Bowman, Board Member 

Tigard-Tualatin School Board


“I’m supporting Cameron because he is hard working, compassionate and running to ensure Metro will help create a Portland that works for everyone. I believe Cameron can bring his ability to listen, respond and address problems old and new. He is a next generation leader!” 

Bob Speltz


Maurice Rahming

O’Neill Construction Group


Amy Ruiz,

Strategies 360


Shaley Howard

Scratch N’ Sniff Pet Care

James Parker

Oregon Native American Chamber

Michael Jonas

Rational Unicorn Legal Services LLC

Nat West

Reverend Nat's Hard Cider


Bob Speltz

The Standard

Kristen Willie Connor

Heritage Bank


Andre Baugh

Group AGB


Victoria Lara

Lara Media Services


Eddie Passadore

Passadore Properties


Johnell Bell

Espousal Strategies


Mac Prichard

Prichard Communications

Nathan Howard

East Fork Cultivars

Cobi Lewis

Umpqua Bank

Dov Judd

Oasis of Change



“Cameron will help build a community where all families and children have safe, quality, and affordable housing.”

—Israel Bayer, former Executive Director, Street Roots

"Fueled by his indomitable spirit, tenacious passion for justice and years of courageous civic work, Cameron will lead and fight to create vibrant communities where people can afford to live, play, and thrive."

Beth Burns, Executive Director, p:ear

Ernesto Fonseca, Executive Director

Hacienda CDC

Maxine Fitzpatrick, former Executive Director

Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives, Inc. (PCRI)

Israel Bayer, former Executive Director

Street Roots

Andy Nelson, Executive Director

Impact NW


Andy Miller, Executive Director

Human Solutions

Beth Burns, Executive Director


Trell Anderson, Executive Director

NW Housing Alternatives

Allan Lazo, Executive Director

Fair Housing Council of Oregon

Ibrahim Mubarak, Co-founder

Right 2 Survive

Dan Valliere, Executive Director 

Reach Community Development Corporation 

Brian Hoop, Executive Director

Housing Oregon

Monica Beemer, former Executive Director

Sisters of the Road

Nick Sauvie, Executive Director




“Cameron is an inclusive and collaborative leader who makes me hopeful for the future.”

—Adam Lyons, Executive Director, Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods


"Cameron has been on the frontlines of the most pressing issues in our communities. I'm endorsing him, because I've seen him lean into collective solutions with social justice values at the center."
—Reyna Lopez, Executive Director, Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN)

Se-ah-dom Edmo, Executive Director 

MRG Foundation

Dr. Alaiyo Foster, Executive Director

Black United Fund of Oregon

Diana Nuñez, Executive Director

Oregon Environmental Council

Adams Lyons, Executive Director

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods


E.D. Mondaine, President

Portland NAACP

Jeff Heatherington, Founder and President

Heatherington Foundation for Innovation in Education in Health Care

John Bryant, Grandmaster

Sons of Haiti Lodge

Reyna Lopez, Executive Director

Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN)

Roya Amirsoleymani, Artistic Director and Curator of Public Engagement

Portland Institute of Contemporary Art

Mark Lakeman, Founder

City Repair

Steve Weiss, Board Chair

Oregon Consumer League

Pat Daniels, Executive Director

Constructing Hope

Jess Thompson, Executive Director

Oregon Walks

Justen Harn, Executive Director
Open Signal

Cody Goldberg, Executive Director
Harper's Playground

Janie Marsh, Executive Director

Mental Health & Addiction Association of Oregon

Olivia Quiroz, Executive Director

Oregon Latino Health Coalition

Wynne Wakkila, Executive Director

FAST (Fight Against Sex Trafficking)

Kevin Jones, CEO & Artistic Director

August Wilson Red Door Project


Sam Sachs, Founder

The No Hate Zone


Laura Lo Forti, Co-Director

Vanport Mosaic

Mike Marshall, Executive Director

Oregon Recovers

Brian Weaver, Founder and Artistic Director

Portland Playhouse

Randy Blazak, Chair

Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crimes

Monta Knudson, Executive Director

Bridges to Change

Cassie Cohen, Executive Director

Portland Harbor Community Coalition


Seile Tekle, Executive Director

Historic Parkrose

Samantha Gladu, Executive Director

Next Up



"The present need for Progressive ideas and ideals is clear. That Cameron Whitten has those values is, also clear. The Oregon Progressive Party is proud to endorse him in his race for Metro Council."

—David Delk, Chair, Oregon Progressive Party


"Cameron understands how racism, heterosexism, and classism impact our access to safe and affordable housing. Cameron knows personally the challenges tenants face -he’s lived it. Cameron understands eviction prevention and tenant education are crucial to preventing homelessness."

—Community Alliance of Tenants Action Fund

Our Revolution Portland

Next Up Action Fund

Oregon Progressive Party

Pacific Green Party, Portland Metro Chapter

East County Rising

The Street Trust Action Fund

Community Alliance of Tenants Action Fund

National Association of Social Workers, Oregon Chapter

Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC Greenlight**

Basic Rights does not endorse in local, nonpartisan elections, but instead gives a greenlight to eligible candidates.



Storm Large


Nancy Hales, Fmr. First Lady 


Laurie Wimmer, HD 36 candidate

Eileen Brady


Travis Nelson

Shannon Wight

Ellen Miyo Ino


Jim Robison


Courtney Helstein


Umi Vera

Iden Campbell


Jenn Burleton

Marina Barcelo

Sam Chapman

Hector Roche

Elizabeth Mazzara Myers
Robert Phillips
Jay Bloom

Beckie Lee


Gregory McKelvey

Joel Shapiro


Jeff Shelby

Kheoshi Owens


Renee Mitchell


Andrew DeVigal


Katy Wolf


Susie Bartley


Pedro Anglada Cordero

Esther Harlow

Serin Bussell

Rupert Kinnard

Reverend Dr. Chuck Currie
Emmett Wheatfall
Amanda Marshall


Moses Ross


Faye Burch

James Ofsink


Stephen Green

Hugh Harris

Ron  Silver

Tom Hastings 

Anthony Johnson

Lydia Ledgerwood-Eberlein

Troy Howard

Andrea Cano

Kasia Rutledge



Bill Dant


T.A. Barnhart


Max Brumm


Stanley Carpenter


Lisa Ortiz


Lakeitha Elliott


Priscilla Wagner

Marian Drake

Armando Salcedo

Jason Smith

Henry Kraemer

Anthony Whitten

Jane Vogel

Rick Reynolds

Gregg Lavender

Thomas Karwaki

Maura Brown

Camilo Marquez

Mark Darienzo

Aaron Antrim

Dana Mozer

Danny Bell

Janice Leber

Kari Sears

Margaret Strong

Tammy Tate

Tammy Kirkwood

Rachel Bracker

Amelia Loy

Vincent Krone

Sarah Brown

Brendan Treacy

Susan Boardman

Charles Boardman

Reed Wallsmith

Clint Culpepper

Jacqui Stork

Susan Morris

Caroline Garrett

Tim Schulze

Debbie Gordon

Sprout Chinn

Taylor Valdez

Nikolai Ursin

Elysa Watkins

Christy Hudson

Nancy Yuill

Maryhelen Kincaid

Michael Louzao

Lizzie Fussell

Allison Brinkhorst

Kirstin Greene

Karen Stubblefield 

Liz Getty

Allison Specter

Alexa Garcia

Marion McNamara

Jen Starkey

Philip Fensterer

Jennifer Myrick

Nell Whitman

Nel Taylor

GM Garcia

Piper Menke

Madeline Caroll

Emily Leuning

Becky Weaver

Matt Jacobsen

Mary Nichols

Karen Pfeifer

Caroline Carroll

Gregory Vanderhoof

Alice King

Mike Druydd

Julia Pagan


Dashia Fontleroy


Alonzo Chadwick


Amy Williams

Bonnie Greene

Gregory Franklyn

Edie Gillis

Steven Phoenix

Aaron Poplack

Marilee Dea

Bryan William Lewis

Emily Schelling

Earline Penson Bagley

Claire Cote

Laura Cerny

Aiden Hirshfield

Cheryl Curry

Jim Ferguson

Tereza Bottman

Stephanie Weatherford

Jo Guyer

Jasmine Brown

Sandy Hart

Scott Schlief


Autumn Schlief

Mark Bennet

Robbyn Bennet

Martha McClure

Anthony Wolk

Philip Tucker

David Sacamano


Kate Sacamano

Christoper Schiel

Lauren MacBeth

Marielle Evangelista

Beth Caruso

Nyla Mc Carthy

Julie Yocom

Cornelius Swart

Travis Neumeyer

Daniel Penner

Amanda McLoughlin Barreto

Beverly Scott

Benita Legarza 

Denice Paschal

Steve Snyder 

Jacquelyn Ellenz

Taaj Armstrong

Kent Spring

Kelly Campbell

Marina Massello

Ken Brittain

Marlon Marion

Thomas O'Hara

Erin Grahek

Paula Casner

Sherry Manion

Tiffany Christensen

Howard Patterson 

Jeff Butters

Bill Weissman

Diana Nunez

Jason Allen

Marian Gallagher

Gil Luzader

Evelyn Ferreira

Nancy Newell

Joanna Cyrpys

Anne Pattison

Heather Sadler 

Matt Berry

Jen Ferry

Justice Rajee


Jeff Hawthorne


Earline Penson

Paula Di Novo


Sam Hartman

Jay Parasco


Kris Wallsmith


Jennifer Tenorio 


Dayle Smith

Peter Englander

James Ferguson MD

Lew Church

Emma Lugo

Allison Washington

Paul Maresh

Casey Berning

Nik de Leuw

Robin Crumrine

Pearson Kunz

Jenna Padbury

Jay Kosa

David Robinson

Sarah Milliron

Maxwell Hunter

John Hoffnagle

Stuart Tomlinson

Thomas Conry

Darion Jones

Judge Kemp

Bim Ditson

Chelsea Snow

Hasina Cohen

Jordan Cooper

Aidan Tillman-Reardon

Thomas Faricy

Mike Richardson

Tay Juncker

Luci Longoria

Patrick Aist

Chelsea Wilkinson

Kris Wood

Nyla Mc Carthy

Lolo Harman

Lenora Sagendorf

Loren Hillman

Bobby Fouther

Liz Fouther-Branch

Lena Ridi

Vivianne Sowa

Kelly Hubert

Frances Olstad

Lisa Porter

Angela Hamilton

Gallagher Smith

Amy Silliman

Val Gogoleski

Renee Alsept

Fred Stewart

Lindsey Ferguson

David Koen

Kamelah Adams

Diane Goodwin

Julie Lance

Alanna Mc Creary

Felicia Tripp

Vicki Simon 

Sally Grierson

Heather Erickson

Erica Aten

Liz Wood

Bruce  Broussard

Norma Broussard

Christina Milano


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